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Payment Failed

If your payment have failed, please don’t worried. It may due to the following reasons:

- Payment with credit card may fail because of bank authorization and fraud prevention systems. If you are having trouble making a payment via Credit Card, you may contact your Card issuing bank.

- Duplicate Session ID (Order Info) - If you paid the same order with multiple time at one time, we will not accept your payment. (That's to say, if you paid more than one time, then only one of your payment will success, other payment(s) will be failed.)

- Insufficient Funds - There is no sufficient Funds in your account, you have to check your card account.

- If you use a mobile phone, the failed payment may due to the following reasons:

a. You are using a mobile carrier that Paymo doesn’t support.

b. You have insufficient funds on your mobile phone

c. The mobile phone does not have the option to use mobile billing enabled

d. The mobile phone is out of the service area

- 3D Secure Authentication failed - You must check your 3D number and fill in again
Address Verification Failed - You must be check if you have filled in the correct address

- Card Security Code verification failed - You have to check your card Security Code and fill in again

- Unable to be determined and Bank Declined Transaction, you have to contact with your bank

If you still have an issue using Ultimate Pay, we suggest using a different payment method such as PayPal or you can contact our customer services or email us.We are always to be at your service.
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